Man Overboard Rescued By Cargo Ship

April 22, 2003

A passenger on the first night of his first-ever cruise -- a five-day trip to Mexico on Carnival's Celebration -- got a little more than he bargained for. And never made it to Mexico. The passenger, last seen by his cabin-mate
sometime after midnight in one of the ship's lounges, somehow fell overboard and spent 17 hours treading water until he was picked up by a passing cargo vessel.
While much is still uncertain -- particularly how he managed to fall overboard in the first place (neither the passenger nor Carnival knows the answer.) A Carnival spokeswoman says "The location where the individual was
rescued by the cargo vessel is consistent with the cruise ship Celebration's general location in the very early morning hours of April 13."

According to news reports, the cargo ship spotted the man in the water waving a yellow t-shirt and picked him up. The cargo vessel took him to Port Arthur, which was its destination. The hapless Lansing, Michigan-based cruiser then headed to Galveston with a sense of humor, where he greeted his cabin-mate at the dock.
Carnival says it reported the "man overboard" to the appropriate authorities and says it appears that the passengers fall "appears to have been accidental."