Harri the galah photos

(1:55 p.m. AEST) - Harri the stowaway galah now has her own fan club area on Sea Princess, with commemorative prints for sale in the ship's photo studio.

A special edition folio (pictured above) costs $7. Single prints and framed photos of the famous, feathery, freeloading fugitive are also available to take home.

"The little white square you can see attached to Harri is her cruise card," reports Cruise Critic contributor Tiana Templeman, who is on Sea Princess this week to update our ship review after its recent refurbishment.

"The display isn't just for this cruise," she said. "Harri is still quite the star, even though she's flown the coop."

Harri's escapades were a hot topic in our Australia & NZ Cruisers discussion board. Cruise Critic member MicCanberra said: “What a galah, you would expect that sort of behaviour from a penguin, an emu or a kiwi as none of them can fly.”

Harri the galah photos

Another Cruise Critic member, AusTraveller, who was a paying passenger on the same cruise as the stowaway, posted: "Harri the galah's presence on the Sea Princess was kept very quiet until a few days before the end of the cruise when the Commodore referred to it in his hour-long talk in the Princess Theatre. When the ship was docked in Dunedin, we saw a young crew member carrying a large bird cage in the lift. I asked if there was a bird on board and he replied "I'm not allowed to talk about it". Of course this just got all us Aussies asking questions and making jokes.

"The cage was carried into an inside cabin in the crew area near the Captain's suite on deck 12. The photo showing Harri in a suite was probably staged in either the Captain's suite or the Staff Officer's suite. The indication in some of the newspaper articles that Harri was keeping everyone entertained isn't correct -- maybe he kept the bridge officers entertained. As far as I know, he wasn't released into the passenger area after he was initially captured up on deck after we had been at sea for two days."

Harri the galah photos

Last week Harri made worldwide headlines and TV reports when she escaped from her Brisbane home and flew two kilometres to sneak onboard the Princess Cruises ship, which then sailed to Fiji and New Zealand. The adventurous Aussie bird, who understandably prefers to cruise instead of fly, was accommodated in a cabin next door to the ship's captain, Giuseppe Romano. The crew bought her a cage and bird seed at the next port, while New Zealand quarantine officials checked on her regularly.

Harri's microchip was used to track down her owners, the Cozzi family, who also happened to be cruising on sister line P&O's Pacific Aria. They kept in touch via the crew on both ships, with Harri even sending a bottle of wine with a note: "Hope you're having as much fun I am!"

The beloved pet was returned to her family after passing a final government quarantine check. Commodore Romano and the ship's environment officer Tibor Filipobic escorted Harri off the ship on Sunday.

Harri the galah photos

--By Louise Goldsbury, Australia Editor