Carnival Launches Teen-Only Tours

April 10, 2003
Targeting its 12 - 15 year old passengers, Carnival has begun unveiling teen-only shore excursions in a move that extends the kids' cruise experience beyond the boundaries of the ship itself. The tours, currently available on all ships except Holiday, Destiny and Inspiration (which will get them shortly), focus on active excursions in itineraries ranging from Alaska to the Caribbean. Typical activities offered include horseback riding in Cozumel, America's Cup regatta racing in St. Maarten, a ride on an Atlantis submarine in St. Thomas and a cycling tour of Key West. Prices of the teen shore trips are 20 percent below that of regular adult excursions. All of the teen outings are overseen by an on-site camp counselor. The program is set up a bit differently from traditional shore excursion booking procedures. There is no pre-cruise selection; teen passengers get together onboard at Camp Carnival and vote amongst three possibilities for each port of call; the tour in each that garners the highest number -- wins. The excursions, according to a spokesman, are available in every port on a ship's itinerary.