Terminal 2 at Port Everglades rendering

(2:45 p.m. EST) -- When Princess passengers arrive at Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades, they'll be able to instantly connect with their cruise line through the new Ocean Medallion technology, once the project debuts.

The new technology integrated into Terminal 2 during its multimillion-dollar upgrade will serve Princess Cruises' Medallion-class ships, which use Carnival Corporation's proprietary Ocean Medallion wearable tech. The Ocean Medallion is a token that is capable of storing information and preferences, as well as other functions like paying for onboard purchases.

When a passenger walks into the terminal, the token will interact with the network, allowing for a more personalized and expedited boarding process. Passengers can create an avatar called an Ocean Tagalong using the SocialOcean app. Once they have cleared security and check-in, their Tagalong will display on a giant LED screen called the Ocean Portal. Cruisers can choose from three avatars -- sea turtle, seahorse or butterfly fish -- and customize colors, patterns and markings.

Terminal 2 also features Carnival Corp.'s new MedallionNet, high-speed Wi-Fi available to cruise passengers boarding Medallion-class ships while they're in the terminal and onboard the ship. Using this connectivity, cruisers waiting to board can play a portfolio of four in-app "social casino" games called PlayOcean Everywhere.

For soon-to-be-cruisers who have time to catch a show, the OceanView Theater is a cinema experience located on the first floor, featuring originally produced "Ocean Original" travel segments.

Ocean Portal at Terminal 2 at Port Everglades rendering

As passengers prepare to board on the terminal's second floor, they'll find another interactive experience using their Ocean Tagalong that allows them to direct their avatars through a series of screens by moving their arms and hands to control its swimming motions and directions.

In addition to all the new technology, Terminal 2 was also redesigned to streamline departure procedures and provide more comfortable pre-boarding areas.

"When our guests arrive at the terminal excited about their cruise, that's a great opportunity for us to begin immersing them in a more personalized and hassle-free vacation experience," said John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer for Carnival Corporation, in a news release. "We have completely transformed the arrival so that our guests can board at a pace that's more relaxed and convenient for them. Our focus is on the entire guest experience with a special emphasis on making the arrival experience exceptional. From guests' homes through the cruise terminal and to their stateroom, every guest engagement is intended to maximize their vacation experience."

Regal Princess will be the first ship to depart from the newly redesigned Terminal 2, with some selected passengers being able to use the Ocean Medallion as a preview beginning in November through spring 2018. Six more Princess ships are currently scheduled to receive Medallion upgrades.

--By Brittany Chrusciel, Associate Editor