P&O's Aurora Still Plans Suez Journey -- Next Week

March 21, 2003

In what at first appears to be a curiosity -- and then takes on a somewhat
bizarre tinge in light of this week's attacks on Iraq -- P&O's Aurora,
sailing the line's world voyage, still plans to depart tomorrow for a
segment that will take it to Safega, on the Red Sea, via the Suez Canal.
That's according to a sales agent at the company's United Kingdom
reservations center, who noted that the line did take concerns of jittery
passengers (and who wouldn't be?) into consideration. As a result, she
noted, the cruise line has replaced a port of call at Dubai with stops at
Lisbon and Civitavecchia (Rome). A call to a spokesman at P&O to confirm the
ship's itinerary status was not returned.