QM2 Offers In-Cabin Emailing

March 24, 2003

Lost amidst the hoopla of Queen Mary 2's higher profile features is the
cruise ship's interactive television system, which offers two pretty unique
services. First: While the ship most certainly has a "Computer Centre" where
passengers can surf the web and send and receive emails, all staterooms come
with a wireless keyboard that communicates to the television. Think of it as
a WebTV kind of arrangement -- and passengers can send and receive emails
from their stateroom.  Cunard has not yet established an in-cabin outgoing
message charge but there will be no charge for receiving emails. All
passengers will also -- and this isn't new but is still not a wide cruise
industry practice -- receive their own Queen Mary 2 email addresses to use
while onboard.
The stateroom TV, in addition to doubling as a computer terminal, also will
have a musical component and act as a defacto stereo system.  The ship will
compile hundreds of tunes in all manners of genres, ranging from classical
and Broadway to country and easy listening.
Otherwise, the in-cabin televisions will handle the usual gamut of services
(in addition to simply offering programming). These include shore excursion
information and sign-up, ordering and viewing movies, setting wake-up calls,
browsing (and making purchases) from shipboard boutiques, viewing daily
restaurant menus, ordering wine and reviewing shipboard tabs.