Royal Caribbean Expands Rock Walls Across Fleet

March 19, 2003
Royal Caribbean announced yesterday it plans to introduce its signature Voyager-class rock climbing walls across the fleet. Interestingly, though, the size and location of each ship's new wall will vary. All will be somewhere between 8 - 10 meters high (Voyager-class rock climbing walls are 10 meters high).  A Royal Caribbean spokeswoman says the rock climbing walls will not replace any features, but will necessitate a varying degree of relocations of other shipboard features -- on Sovereign-, Monarch- and Majesty of the Seas, for instance, ship architects will move the basketball court a deck below to make room. On Grandeur- and Enchantment of the Seas, the rock-climbing wall will be located behind the "shipshape center." And so on. The retro-installations begin in late May with Monarch of the Seas and schedules for the introduction are slated to run as follows: Majesty of the Seas (June); Sovereign of the Seas (July); Rhapsody of the Seas (August); Enchantment of the Seas (August); Grandeur of the Seas (October); Splendour of the Seas (October); Vision of the Seas (October); Nordic Empress (November); and Legend of the Seas (November).  In addition, the walls will be added to Royal Caribbean's new, as-yet-debuted vessels: Mariner of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas and Serenade of the Seas. The company plans to continue its "no extra charge" policy for rock-climbing on board its ships.