Carnival Revises New Beverage Policy

March 4, 2003
Carnival, which last week said that it would begin prohibiting passengers from bringing non-alcoholic beverages (water, soda and juice) onboard in any quantity, appears to be rethinking the policy. A spokeswoman says that the original policy is in the process of some revision. Carnival's Jennifer de la Cruz says that the original impetus for the new rule was "people showing up in embarkation with multiple cases of beverages in tow," adding, "in many cases it is just way outside the realm of reasonableness."  At this point, Carnival is not enforcing any rule restricting passengers from bringing a supply of non-alcoholic beverages onboard (though the regulation prohibiting travelers from carting alcoholic beverages to their cabins is very much in effect) until it is able to clarify its interpretation of "excessive." We'll keep you posted.