Australian 'Honeyboomer' Couples Ditching the Kids to go Cruising

July 10, 2017

Carnival Cruise

(11:15 a.m. AEST) -- Australian parents are leaving behind the kids to go on cruises, new research reveals. In the past four years Carnival Cruise Line has seen an 80 percent increase in couples with older children sailing without them.  

The trend has led Carnival to call these couples ‘Honeyboomers’ -- couples enjoying a second honeymoon now that their kids are less reliant on them.  

According to a poll of more than 1000 Australian couples with children aged 13 or older, more than three quarters (76 percent) miss having fun with their partner and over one third (35 percent) believe a child-free holiday will help them remember why they fell in love. Almost a quarter (22 percent) of Aussie couples haven’t been on a holiday alone for five years or longer and 90 percent said they wanted to share more travel experiences with their partner.  

Rob Nicholas, a regular cruiser and Honeyboomer, revealed: “We use the opportunity to try new things and be a bit outrageous without the kids around to get embarrassed by us!”  

Carnival Cruise Line Vice President Australia, Jennifer Vandekreeke said: “It’s wonderful to see people enjoying their first holiday without the kids, rediscovering the free-spirited, fun-loving couple they were before school drop off and Saturday sport hijacked the romance.”  

--By Louise Goldsbury, Australia Editor