Close up of a bike along the side of Emerald Star

(12:20 p.m. EDT) -- Emerald Waterways is adding 17 new active shore excursions to their 2018 European river cruises, all of which will be included in the fare.

Emerald launched EmeraldACTIVE excursions on its 2017 itineraries, mostly guided hiking and biking trips offered once per 8-night sailing. The new options will give passengers even more active choices on all sailings.

Examples of the excursions include a canoeing trip in Pochinho, Portugal on Douro River sailings; biking tours in Vienna, Bernkastel and Hoorn; hiking trips in Tournon, France and Castle Hill, Budapest; and onboard yoga classes on Portugal and France river cruises.

Emerald Waterways is currently on a growth spurt, christening three river boats in 2017: Emerald Liberte, Emerald Destiny and Emerald Radiance. The more cost-conscious arm of luxury operator Scenic, Emerald offers a fair number of inclusions, including gratuities, in its fare.

--By Chris Gray Faust, Senior Editor