Celebrity Equinox

(4:55 p.m. EDT) -- Onboard credit burning a hole in your pocket? If you're cruising with Celebrity any time soon, you no longer have to embark before spending your shipboard cash.

The new policy officially rolled out fleetwide (excluding Celebrity Edge bookings) on April 7. Previously, passengers were not allowed to spend onboard credit until they were sailing. Now, you can spend onboard credit ahead of your sailing, to pay for things like shore excursions or specialty dining.

"This functionality allows guests more flexibility to when and how they can spend their [onboard credits]," said Bradley Norman, spokesperson for Celebrity Cruises.

Members on our boards posted about the policy change.

"I just booked an excursion for June. This makes it a lot easier to book ahead of time. Great policy change," said member MVPinBoynton.

Not all onboard credit is eligible for purchases through the online Cruise Planner. The policy excludes any credit you might have received as a gift from a travel agent, customer service or any onboard credit acquired through a group booking.

--By Brittany Chrusciel, Associate Editor