Crystal Extends Grill Hours

December 11, 2000
“Casual Night” on Crystal Cruises' Harmony and Symphony is no longer limited to special occasions. The cruise line, noted for its elegance -- and boutique restaurant options that complement traditional formal dining -- has announced that its Trident Grill, adjacent to the Neptune Pool, will be open through dinner with more frequency. Timed to coincide with the more frequent outside dinner option will be extended evening spa hours (so you don’t have to slither into that beaded gown while sleek with massage oil). The concurrent extension of the ships’ spa hours means that guests can, according to a Crystal spokesperson, then casually enjoy a light evening repast. Yes, light. Because this grill isn’t your typical burgers-hotdogs-fries cookery. Among the specialties that will offered on Casual Night include shrimp, sun ripened tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, fresh made soups, Caesar and Cobb salads and gourmet pizza. The Trident Grill will be open from 6 - 9 p.m. and no reservations are necessary. The grill’s evening hours won’t interfere with other Crystal options, including the main Crystal Dining Room and its specialty restaurants Kyoto and Prego on Crystal Harmony and Jade Garden and Prego on Crystal Symphony. And multi-course meals are still available through room service.