Norwegian Cruise Line Lowers Bottled Water Prices

February 16, 2017
bottled water

(5:30 p.m. EST) -- By February 27, all ships in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet will lower their bottled water prices by as much as 35 percent.

After Norwegian banned passengers from bringing their own bottled water onboard in 2016, cruisers were forced to purchase it from the line at a premium.

Packs of 1-liter bottles were available at prices ranging from $23 for a six-pack to $60 for a 24-pack. New pricing will sell six-packs for $15 (nearly 35 percent less) and 24-packs for $45 (25 percent less). Twelve-packs will now sell for $28, down from $40 (a 30 percent savings). Additionally, 18-packs will no longer be available.

On Pride of America, the only two options will be 12-packs of 1-liter bottles for $28 and 24-packs of 500 milliliter bottles for $30 (down about 33 percent from $45).

An automatic gratuity of 18 percent will still be added to all purchases.

The changes will roll out on the following schedule:

  • Friday 2/17: Gem, Sky
  • Saturday 2/18: Epic, Star, Pride of America, Escape
  • Sunday 2/19: Dawn, Jewel, Jade, Breakaway, Getaway
  • Wednesday 2/22: Sun
  • Thursday 2/23: Spirit
  • Monday 2/27: Pearl (first cruise after dry dock)

Norwegian, which has come under fire for nickel-and-diming over the last several years, has historically charged some of the highest bottled water prices in the industry, drawing gripes from many on the Cruise Critic message boards. But news of the changes seems to have appeased many cruisers.

"Money talks folks," says Cruise Critic member imnance of the revised pricing. "If nobody is buying the water at ridiculously inflated prices, then the prices will be changed ..."

"Glad they did this," says Rileyz. "I mean their water prices started to make what [other lines] charge for bottled H2O look reasonsable and that's frightening."

"Well done NCL," says NCLfamily. "Listening to your customers."

--By Ashley Kosciolek, Editor