Celebrity Auctions Star Autographs on Ebay

January 21, 2003

Celebrity’s new marketing campaign, centered around, um, treating its passengers like “stars,” has gotten an unexpected boost -- from the plain white t-shirts with the simple Celebrity logo that were worn by models in
the cruise line’s commercials. “When the ad campaign first hit in October,” says spokeswoman Liz Jakeway, “our reservations folks got requests for t-shirts. We hope they were calling to book a cruise but the agents said that in some cases a the t-shirt request was the first thing out of their mouths.”
Instead of just sending out a shirt, however, marketeers at Celebrity came up with another idea: find real celebrities to autograph shirts and put them up for sale on Ebay, with proceeds going to charity.

And...we’re off. The auctioning of t-shirts on the Ebay website, which starts today and runs through January 30, features a wide range of willing participants, from “Frasier’s” Kelsey Grammar to “Seinfeld’s” Jason
Alexander. Some celebs got creative: Kevin Bacon, Rhea Perlman and Jay Leno drew caricatures of themselves, Susan Lucci sketched a map of “All My Children” houses, and Jackie Chan stamped his own handprints in sparkling

So far, the hottest t-shirt -- in early stages of auctioneering -- belongs to George Clooney, whose monikered tee has received 11 bids and is going for $26. The cast of “Friends” is close behind, with 9 bids raising the stakes
to $17. Alas, Dustin Hoffman’s contribution is getting a slow warm-up with just one $1 bid. To check out the offerings, go to Ebay.com then scroll to 'Charity' and then click 'Celebrity T-Shirts.'
In return for their scrawl, the stars get to denote a charity-of-choice, which will not only receive the proceeds from the sale of each shirt but also a Celebrity cruise-of-choice that they can themselves auction off as a
Meanwhile, Celebrity plans to stock its onboard stores with the unsigned Celebrity t-shirts; look for them to go on sale later this winter/early spring.