Oceania Adopts New Name

January 16, 2003

Eagle-eyed cruisers may have noticed that the name of new cruise line Oceana
-- the two-ship operation that will launch this summer and fall with
European itineraries aboard the former Renaissance R 1 and R 2 -- is oft, of
late, used interchangeably with Oceania. Take note: in a quiet move, the
company has officially changed the name to Oceania Cruises (the web site
address, www.oceaniacruises.com connects with the old one). Seems that,
though Oceana as a name was not trademarked in the U.S., company chiefs
learned after the initial announcement that it is owned in the U.K. by P&O
Princess which, of course, operates a ship called Oceana. Oceania executives
opted to eliminate confusion and simply alter, slightly, the company’s name.
Oceania hasn’t even launched its reservations service yet – it’s slated to
begin January 27 -- but a spokesman for the company says it looks like
Regatta, the first ship to launch, already is 35 percent full for its
inaugural. That’s based on requests rather than advance reservations
(anybody can make one by calling a travel agent or headquarters); since
reservations can’t actually be taken there’s no up front payment required at
this time. Insignia, the line’s second ship, launches in October.