RSSC's Mariner Suffers Mini Salmonella Outbreak

December 3, 2002
Officials from the Centers for Disease Control set tongues wagging when they boarded Radisson Seven Seas’ Mariner this morning -- but, despite errant media reports, it’s not a Norwalk Virus situation. Instead, the ship, which Monday completed a Barcelona-to-Ft. Lauderdale transatlantic voyage, had a mini-outbreak of salmonella midway through the voyage. RSSC’s Andrew Poulton says that 15 crew and four passengers showed symptoms of salmonella and were treated by medical staff during the cruise. ”We suspect the culprit was eggs or ice cream that had been brought onboard in Barcelona,” Poulton says, noting that “we destroyed the suspected tainted foodstuffs -- although we kept some for samples for the CDC.” He adds: “It appears it is not the Norwalk virus.” Lab technicians from the CDC are conducting tests to determine the exact cause of the problem. Meanwhile, Mariner is cleared to sail tonight for a ten-day southern/eastern Caribbean voyage.