Norwalk Strikes Again

December 2, 2002

‘Tis the season -- for Norwalk Virus -- as late fall’s crop of outbreaks
spreads to yet another cruise line. Medical officers on Carnival’s
Fascination, which returned early this morning to Miami after an otherwise
routine three day cruise to the Bahamas, reported to health authorities that
nearly 200 passengers had gotten sick. Carnival says the ship today will
undergo the usual intensified cleaning efforts and plans to sail away again
tonight on its scheduled four-day western Caribbean itinerary. One major
option Carnival’s offering to passengers slated to sail today: travelers who
arrive at the pier and then decide they don’t want to sail will get a full
Meanwhile, Holland America’s Amsterdam, which basically set-off the whole
Norwalk crisis after continuing to sail after at least four voyages reported
higher-than-normal illness counts, is back in business; the ship, which took
a “cruise off” to “break the cycle” departed from Port Everglades last
night. Amsterdam is on its way to a 10-day southern Caribbean cruise.