Amsterdam Sailing Canceled

November 20, 2002

As a result of continued outbreaks of the Norwalk Virus on Holland
America's Amsterdam, the cruise line has canceled the November 21st
sailing. [It has been] “canceled in order to break the person-to-person
cycle of a common gastrointestinal ailment called Norwalk Like Virus (NLV) and to provide peace of mind to future guests on the ms Amsterdam,” a company statement read. The statement also revealed the company believes the original virus came on board last month via an infected passenger and just continued to spread.
Holland America was mum on what kind of additional activity it plans for
the ship's unexpected down-time but pledges that Amsterdam will resume with its next planned cruise, which departs December 1.
Passengers on the affected sailing are, of course, being notified and the
company is offering a full refund plus credit on future sailings.