Carnival Legend Arrives at Port Everglades

November 8, 2002

What's interesting about the latest in a series of Carnival's newest ships
U.S. debut -- Carnival Legend, of course -- isn't that it's new. In fact,
the ship has been on a long, albeit grand, tour of "inaugurals" which began this summer and  started, fairly unusually, in Great Britain, then New York, and then Baltimore. No, the interesting thing about the ship's final move to its winter home in South Florida is that it's the first Carnival ship to be based in Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) rather than in the more traditional Miami.
The 88,000-ton, 2,200-passenger Legend also will offer a more unusual
Caribbean itinerary, one that lasts eight days rather than seven and calls
at the exotic-to-cruise-schedules port of Martinique as well as the more
common Barbados and St. Maarten.