Hurricane Updates

October 29, 2002

Last week's potentially disastrous Hurricane Kenna has left the key Mexican Riviera ports of Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta in pretty good shape and cruise lines from Carnival to Princess report that itineraries this week are stopping at the "usual suspects."
Kenna, a category 4 storm when it bashed into Mexico's Pacific coast last Friday, centered at San Blas, which lay about 80 miles north of Puerto Vallarta (and 125 miles north of Mazatlan). Fortunately, winds quickly died down as the storm passed over land and was downgraded to a tropical depression.
There's some storm activity occurring in the Pacific, near Hawaii, but
nothing to impact cruises there. Hurricane Huko's biggest impact thus far is really-big waves and swells around Hawaiian islands (along with dangerous rip currents) and swimmers are urged to use caution, particularly around Waikiki Beach.
Tropical Storm Lowell is also moving in a similar direction but is not
predicted to cause either damage or inconvenience to cruise ship traffic.