Hurricane Kenna Update

October 25, 2002
Hurricane Kenna has acquired -- and lost -- a category. The storm, which yesterday ramped up to category 4, gained even more strength earlier today, earning itself a much-dreaded 5 rating. But the storm has lost a little power and now, with winds in the 145 m.p.h. range, is once again rated in the 4th category. It's still considered very, very powerful.
Hurricane Kenna is moving pretty briskly -- 20 m.p.h. -- and is expected to hit landfall, particularly the area around Mazatlan, later today.
Cruisewise, Hurricane Kenna is, at this point anyway, having minimal effect on current voyages.  Carnival reports that only Elation is impacted and then only slightly; the ship was slated to call at Cabo San Lucas today on its way back to the U.S. but has skipped that port and passengers will simply have an extra sea day. Same goes for Sun Princess, which is also skipping Cabo San Lucas today and is on its way back to Los Angeles as scheduled -- as is Star Princess, which was in Cabo San Lucas yesterday -- and already headed back to L.A.  Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas, which is sailing three and four night trips out of L.A., is in the city of angels today.
The storm is expected to continue weakening and is also predicted to move through the Mexican Riviera at a fast clip. However, cruise lines may be making itinerary changes next week if damages are severe. We'll, as always, keep you posted.