Silversea Revamps Pricing

October 16, 2002
Silversea Cruises -- which once operated under the perception that "if you have to ask how much it costs you can't afford us" -- continues to revamp pricing programs and strategies to attract new passengers.
Specifically? The company has added new services to the "Personalized Voyages Program." This, launched last June, offers travelers the chance to bypass traditionally regulated sailings on fixed dates and actually create their own trip -- without worrying about standard embarking or disembarking rules. There's a minimum of five days with no maximum and the company estimates that about 20 percent of passengers on an average cruise are taking advantage of the personalized option.
Choosing the right Personalized Voyage became even easier this month when Silversea added a new "plug in your preference" search feature to its web site. The company still prefers actual bookings to come through travel agents, however.
In another move, Silversea has extended its Simplicity Pricing program. Launched last spring as an a'la carte pricing option, the expanded program includes 50 more voyages (January 3 through June 10, 2003). In a nutshell, travelers can eschew the traditional Silversea extras (airfare, pre-and post-hotel stays) and just pay for the cabin. Price differentials can be as significant as 50 percent.