P&O Princess Competition Comes To An End?

September 13, 2002

It looks like this summer's seesaw competition -- Carnival Corp. in pursuit of P&O Princess vs. Royal Caribbean International in, well, pursuit, of P&O Princess -- may be coming to an end. Rumors have begun dribbling out of the U.S.' Federal Trade Commission headquarters -- the last major potentate in terms of awarding final recommendations for commerce and trade-related issues -- that the FTC will give the go-ahead to both P&O Princess-seekers.
All other key regulators -- principally the European Union and United
Kingdom Department of Trade -- have already given the go-ahead.
And while rumors -- particularly those that come from a myriad of sources
and from organizations whose companies maintain a stoic "no comment"--typically turn out to be true, the decision is not official until the FTC's
five commissioners make public their final decision. Which could be any day now.