Storms Having Little Impact On Cruisers

September 10, 2002

So far, 2002's official hurricane season has gotten off to an unusually slow start. The "season," which technically began June 1 (and ends November 30), has been minimally disruptive for cruise travelers. With one minor exception: last weekend, tropical "Fay" got between Carnival's Jubilee and its Galveston destination.
The ship, slated to return to Galveston after a five day Gulf of Mexico
itinerary, "stayed behind the storm," not docking Saturday morning at its
regular time. Ultimately, Jubilee arrived at 5:30 p.m. Passengers boarding
the ship Saturday for the next voyage did, of course, embark a bit later
than planned, some six-to-seven hours past the scheduled embarkation. And, a Carnival spokeswoman says, Jubilee's voyage, currently underway, has a reversed port-itinerary as a result of the late departure.
At this point, tropical Storm Gustav, which is threatening the eastern
seaboard, has had no impact at all on Bermuda-bound cruise ships according to folks at both Norwegian Cruise Lines and Celebrity -- two of that region's most prominent players.