Flooding Alters European River Cruises

August 14, 2002
Extensive rain and flooding in Central and Eastern Europe are causing more headaches for land based travelers than for river cruise passengers but the latter are still experiencing alterations to cruises currently underway. According to Los Angeles-based Uniworld's Serba Ilich, "recent weather conditions throughout Europe have had some affect on our river cruises along the Rhine and Danube. At this time, the Rhine has been reopened to water traffic. The Danube is expected to follow suit on Wednesday. As a result, all ships are proceeding along slightly altered itineraries. Shore excursions continue to operate for all passengers.'"
In his statement, Ilich notes that weather conditions are expected to abate and predicts the situation will return to normal within the next few days.
At this time, the only real changes have been itinerary alterations but river cruise operators are accustomed to adapting to situations in which rivers rise too high for their ships to sail under (alas, ships do not rise as well). It is just that this type of extremely wet weather is a bit more common in autumn than in mid August.
In the meantime, passengers scheduled to sail on river itineraries particularly in Eastern and Central Europe should keep in close contact with their travel agent or cruise line as changes could occur frequently.