NCL To Buy "Project America" Ships?

August 13, 2002

Why in the world is Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Colin Veitch in Bremerhaven? Think "Project America." Rumors have persisted over the past few weeks that NCL is interesting in acquiring the hull of the first "Project America" ship despite a firm "no comment" from company headquarters. The ship, part of the one-time U.S. Lines all-American cruise line (which, as you may recall, was the first cruise line to financially bail out following the events last year on September 11), is 40 percent built and is still in its Mississippi shipyard. It is scheduled for "float out" in September.

But Veitch, according to industry sources, is in Bremerhaven to meet with German shipyard Lloyd Werft. The purpose? Possibly to negotiate a contract to complete the buildout. The ship, speculation continues, would, upon completion, be slated for Hawaiian itineraries. That's just the region it was designed for.