Silversea Launches Cruise-When-You-Want

July 25, 2002
How ‘bout a stay at the Silversea Resort? Silversea Cruises is launching a here-to-fore never-been-done concept: Personalized Voyages, which is an effort to combine a cruise with a true land-resort experience. Personalized Voyages, available only on Silver Cloud and beginning next year, lets travelers custom-design their trip, doing away with traditional embarkation and disembarkation rigamaroll that requires you to begin or end a cruise at a designated time.
The fine print: there's a minimum stay and that's five nights. There's no maximum stay. Silversea is, for this first test year anyway, limiting the option to about 200 possible starting dates. In 2003, Silver Cloud hits all the high points, itinerary wise, with a cruises to the Caribbean, South America and Europe.
For Silversea itself, the introduction of Personalized Voyages continues to expand that company's range of buying options. In its inaugural era (and beyond), such as the mid-to-late-1990s, Silversea was quite fixed in its standardized cruise fares, which were the industry's most all-inclusive (including airfare, port taxes, liquor, tips, and hotel stays, among other things, save for the usual a'la carte expenses in the casino and spa). But the fares were also, on average, the industry’s priciest.
Earlier this year, Silversea made its first departure from its norm by offering Simplicity Pricing, which gives travelers the option to buy the cruise on an a'la carte basis (eschewing airfare and hotel stays, primarily) which brings the price down. Personalized Voyages also operates on a cruise-only basis though the company says it's happy to help book air and hotel upon request and at an additional cost.