Enhanced Port Security Pays Off

July 22, 2002
Cruise industry reports of enhanced port security isn’t just hype. Yesterday, two men were spotted videotaping Disney Wonder -- from shore -- and were detained by officials. Now it’s not illegal to videotape a cruise ship, but  these men, but officials did find something to charge the two men with: trespassing at Port Canaveral. Bad luck for them, it turns out, because they were Brazilians who were in the country illegally and will most likely be deported.
In other security-related news, Congress approved $92.3 million in additional funding for port security improvements. That money is distributed through the Department of Transportation; Port Everglades and Miami got the most ($6.8 million and $6.3 million respectively) but even Ketchikan ($122,700) and Vancouver ($30,000) got a little something.
The money is slated for improvements in port facilities, security assessments and security programs as well as what are called “proof-of-concept” projects that emphasize new and innovative technologies that will help in vessel tracking.