Triumph "Buzzed" by Small Planes

July 8, 2002
Passengers on Carnival’s Triumph got a little more Independence Day excitement than they may have bargained for. The ship, sailing near New York Harbor, was buzzed on July 4th by two renegade pilots who caused some fears about a terrorist attack. Alas, the pilots, who were flying small planes dragging those long advertising banners -- the kind you see at the beach -- were simply having a little not-so-harmless fun in restricted New York City airspace.
While their employer maintains they were just doing their jobs, the air-police that chased them into landing in Wall Township, New Jersey -- and then approached the planes with guns drawn -- say they had ignored their warnings to leave the area. Ultimately, the men, who were discovered to have no terrorist leanings, were released from custody though they may face civil aviation penalties.