Cruise News Shorts: Tauck Adds More Free Drinks and Two Canadian Ports Go Green

February 28, 2014
Tauck's Loft Cabin (12:35 p.m. EST) -- Every week we catch wind of so much cruise news, we don't always know what to do with it all, but a few standout bits sometimes catch our attention. Here are two interesting cruise tidbits we think you might like to know about.

More Booze!
Tauck River Cruising's already mostly-inclusive experience has just gotten more inclusive. The line is expanding its free-drinks policy to now include unlimited beer, wine and premium spirits. The move comes in the same year the line will be expanding its fleet by two boats, both of which will offer lower-deck "loft" cabins that feature higher ceilings and taller-than-normal lower cabin windows that can be opened.

Green Ports? Mais oui.
Quebec City and Montreal are next in line to receive shoreside power, a system allowing cruise ships to "plug in" to a port city's electrical grid instead of running their diesel engines while docked. According to Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association, $24 million is being invested in equipping the ports. The investment is part of a $60 million initiative to promote cruise tourism in the region. Vancouver and Halifax already offer shoreside power in Canada.

--By Dori Saltzman, News Editor and Gina Kramer, Associate Editor