Short Power Outage on Carnival Triumph

February 1, 2014
(12:03 a.m. ET) -- Carnival Triumph experienced an eight-minute loss of power on its way from Cozumel to Galveston yesterday. Full power has been restored, and the ship arrived at its homeport this morning as scheduled.

The power loss, according to a company statement, was caused by an electrical breaker failure. During the outage, emergency power came on and functioned as intended until full power could be restored. One side effect of the power loss is that the ventilation in the incinerator room was impacted causing smoke from the incinerator, which had been operating prior to the outage, to travel into portions of Decks 0 through 2. At no point was there any fire.

All hotel services and propulsion are now functioning normally. Carnival has notified the U.S. Coast Guard and other appropriate authorities regarding yesterday's power loss.

Cruise Critic member notyours75 was onboard and posted his account of the incident on the message boards. From his report: "After about 20 minutes in the cabin, the ventilation system came back on. The lights/ventilation/sanitary system came on and off a few times. After about 1 hour from the start [cruise director] Jen announced that full power has been restored and they would be starting the propulsion system soon and would slowly come up to speed.… We then ventured around the ship and noticed that the power fluctuated a few more times and the emergency power came back on in the hallways…. After that everything was fine, dinner was served on time and the shows went on."

Carnival Triumph sails short cruises out of Galveston to Mexico year-round. In February 2013, the ship was left adrift at sea when an engine room fire caused a power outage, impacting air-conditioning, lights, hot food preparation and toilets.

--by Erica Silverstein, Features Editor