13 Best Blogs from 2013

December 16, 2013
2013-best-blogs (3:30 p.m. EST) – If there's truth in the generalisation that Brits love a good moan, it would go some way toward explaining our list of the 13 top blogs in 2013. When we here at Cruise Critic took a look at the U.K.'s most-clicked blog posts of the past year, we discovered that more than half of the top performers had to do with complaining. So take a quick trip with us through the best of 2013, and enjoy some top-class whingeing along the way.

best-blogs-2013 8-year-old complains to Disney: "Not Enough Princes Onboard"
Poor Ethan. Paid good money for “the Disney experience” on a Disney Cruise (well, his parents did anyhow), and all he got was a bunch of lousy princesses flitting about. Where were the princes?!
Read Ethan's letter.

best-blogs-2013 Video: Cruise ship rescues stranded boaters
All the way back in January, Disney Dream and the ship's captain, Guus Verhulst made a pit stop on the way to Port Canaveral, Florida, to rescue a couple of stranded boaters. And one of our readers filmed it.
See the video.

best-blogs-2013 Silly complaints: When bad weather makes grumpy cruisers
This top blog was dedicated to a favourite conversational topic -- and source of endless fodder for complaints -- amongst Brits: the weather. Of course, most of us know the elements won't always behave as we want them to, but some cruisers just don't get it. Read our round-up of weather whinges.

best-blogs-2013 12 things you never thought you'd hear on an expedition cruise
We've all heard people ask silly questions -- and it's no different on a cruise ship. But if you were inclined to think the more rugged types of cruisers who favour small expedition ships are exempt, you'd be wrong.
Read our list of 12 things you never thought you'd hear on an expedition cruise.

best-blogs-2013 Video: Royal Princess sails into Southampton
Sometimes simple is best. When we kicked off a week of coverage on Royal Princess' ship launch and naming by Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, with a simple video of the ship's arrival on an early summer's morning in Southampton, you loved it. See the arrival of a Royal Princess.

best-blogs-2013 Cunard relaxes its dress code?!
Apart from smoking and tipping, there are very few other topics that spark as heated a debate as onboard dress codes. So when Cunard -- regarded as the most formal of all the lines -- announced that it was “loosening” its dress code for the nonformal nights … all hell broke loose. Get in on the debate here.

best-blogs-2013 Cruise Critic readers respond: Venice bans cruise ships
The days of huge cruise ships sailing up the central Giudecca Canal into Venice are numbered. But what's the reaction from our readers? You might be surprised.
Read our readers' responses here.

best-blogs-2013 Should a cruise line tell passengers who else is sailing?
Picture this: You've planned a nice, relaxing cruise holiday for yourself and your children. When you get onboard there are hundreds of rowdy bikers partying and doing belly flops in the pool. And the cruise line didn't even warn you. Should a cruise line tell passengers who else is sailing?

best-blogs-2013 Have you ever encountered an 'Ultimate Cruise Snob'?
Some people, it seems, were not really made to enjoy life at sea. We've all met them: Moaning at the waiters, giving the cabin stewards a difficult time. But what happens when these unhappy characters unleash their venom on fellow passengers? Find out here.

best-blogs-2013 P&O couple shot on Barbados vow to continue travelling
Standing out from the silliness comes the harrowing and heroic story of two British cruise passengers who were shot during a robbery while on shore in Barbados. Keeping calm and carrying on, the plucky pair vowed the ordeal would not stop them from seeing the world. Read the brave couple's story here.

best-blogs-2013 Why are cruise-bashers such snobs?
After the Guardian newspaper published a decidedly anticruise story, our own Sue Bryant took the writer to task for what she says was a "bleating whine … itself about as cliched and stereotypical as it's possible to get." Whose side would you take? (We hope it's Sue's.) Read the story.

Rommel-Canlas-best-blogs-2013 Video: Street Runners take on Thomson cruise ship
What do you get when you take a group of professional street runners onboard a cruise ship? Well, Thomson cruises did it and got a very entertaining bit of viral marketing. In our view, this is one of the best videos we've ever posted on our blog. See the video.

cruise-ship-stories 10 silliest cruise complaints
Our most popular blog in 2013 took a light-hearted look at some of oddest, and frankly some of the funniest complaints ever to be groused about. So, without further ado ...
See the 10 Silliest complaints of 2013.

--by Jamey Bergman, U.K. Production Editor