Celebrity Cruises Alters Loyalty Program

November 25, 2013
(12:25 p.m. EST) -- Celebrity has added two new, higher levels of status to its existing loyalty program, known as the Captain's Club, effective today.

The club's current levels -- Preview, Classic, Select and Elite -- will remain, with two new tiers -- Elite Plus and Zenith -- offering further benefits beyond what Elite members have enjoyed in the past.

The line said no existing benefits would change and members' previous cruise credits would be automatically converted into "Club Points"-- the metric for a new system that takes both a passenger's stateroom category and total number of days spent onboard into account.

"In many cases, guests may automatically become charter members of Celebrity's new Elite Plus or Zenith tier," according to a statement from the line.

"It is important to note that no current members will lose any of the benefits they have come to expect and enjoy."

Celebrity Elite Plus members will have access to additional beverage and specialty dining discounts, complimentary 200-minute Internet packages and complimentary coffees, among other benefits.

Zenith-level member perks include entree to Michael's Club Lounge, a complimentary premium alcoholic beverages package, complimentary laundry and a 1,600-minute Internet package.

--by Jamey Bergman, U.K. Production Editor