Princess Cruises to Tweak Regal Princess Design

November 20, 2013
(3:37 p.m. EST) -- Princess Cruises will add a promenade deck, as well as an aft pool on its newest ship, Regal Princess, scheduled to launch in spring 2014.

Though Regal Princess will essentially be a twin to Royal Princess, the cruise line confirmed that it is tweaking Regal's design after receiving complaints from passengers. In particular, cruisers are unhappy that Royal doesn't have a promenade deck or an aft pool.

"Designing a prototype ship three years out is not an exact science and there are always opportunities to improve upon the original concepts based on real operational experience," a Princess Cruises spokeswoman told Cruise Critic.

The aft pool will be located in an area used for additional deck space on Royal. Royal will be retrofitted with the pool during its first dry dock.

Princess also will make the Deck 7 promenade accessible to passengers on Regal so they can walk the length of the ship.

--by Dori Saltzman, News Editor