(12:15 p.m., EST.) -- Four divers have been arrested for allegedly stealing souvenirs from the Costa Concordia wreck in Italy.

According to the Daily Mail, the men were employees of the salvage group Titan, which has been working with Costa on the vessel. The men - one from Britain, one from Ireland and two from South Africa - were caught by security cameras walking around deck 8 at 1:30 a.m. local time, carrying a bag with a Costa Concordia logo. Italian police have not revealed what, if anything, the men had in the sack.

All four have been charged with theft and violating a crime scene, the story said. They have been dismissed from Titan, the company told the paper.

The Concordia has been targeted by thieves before; three months after the wreck, divers found that the ship's engraved brass bell had been stolen. Security is particularly important now, as divers have been authorized by authorities to open room safes and reunite passengers with their valuables.

--by Chris Gray Faust, Destinations Editor