Power Outage on Carnival Destiny

May 23, 2002
Carnival’s Destiny lost power earlier today. The ship, carrying 4,100 passengers and crew, was adrift in the Caribbean some 100 miles out of St. Lucia for a time; Destiny’s power was ultimately restored after a nearly seven hour outage. Says Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz, ”Initially, the ship was on emergency power only, but by mid-morning we had restored some power which provided for basic hotel services, including lights, water and toilets. In the beginning, however, there was no air conditioning or functioning galley.
“By early afternoon, we had restored partial a/c,” she continues. “By around mid-afternoon, as we continued to bring additional diesel generators back online, we restored full a/c, power to the galley and full propulsion. Once that occurred, we started heading to St. Lucia.”
The ship was scheduled for a sea day Thursday anyway (with a call on Friday in Aruba). As a result of the loss of power, however, Destiny will spend Friday in nearby St. Lucia instead. Carnival has already flown technicians to St. Lucia; they’ll meet the ship when it docks tonight (estimated arrival: midnight). Until further investigation reveals the exact nature of the mechanical problem, Carnival’s calling the culprit a “technical malfunction.”
Otherwise, Carnival anticipates the rest of the cruise will “proceed normally” and the ship is expected to return to San Juan as scheduled on Sunday.