Update: Royal Princess Reaches Port; Repairs Underway Onboard Cruise Ship

September 24, 2013
(5:10 p.m. EDT) -- Princess Cruises has announced that Royal Princess' next scheduled sailing will depart at 7 p.m. on Friday, as planned. Line spokeswoman Karen Candy tells Cruise Critic that the issues were caused by the malfunction of a circuit breaker for one of the ship's two propulsion motors.

(9:25 a.m. EDT) -- Royal Princess has reached port in Naples and repairs have begun on one of the ship's electrical switchboards after the ship was hit with a power outage in the Mediterranean on Sunday.

The ship arrived in Naples, Italy, yesterday evening at 10:45 p.m., more than 14 hours later than planned, and only managed a top speed of 13 knots after being adrift for several hours without power, according to Princess.

A spokeswoman for the line confirmed that technicians have boarded the ship and begun repairs. The exact cause of the outages are not yet known, nor is the length of time the ship will be out of service. Repairs to the ship are expected to continue as the ship transits from Naples to Barcelona. The line said it would provide further update "early this afternoon, Pacific Time."
(8:30 a.m. EDT, September 23) -- The cruise ship Royal Princess will be taken out of service for repair and the remainder of its current sailing will be canceled following a power outage onboard on Sunday, September 22.

The ship is currently en route to Naples, Italy, where it is expected to arrive a day later than scheduled, early Tuesday morning, according to a statement from Princess Cruises.

Once in Naples, passengers will be disembarked and flown home. Princess is making all flight arrangements for passengers and has promised to provide a full refund of the cruise fare as well as a 25 percent future cruise credit. The line said that passengers will likely spend Tuesday night (Sept. 24) onboard the ship and depart on Wednesday (Sept. 25).

The power outage occurred while the ship was in the Mediterranean traveling between Mykonos, Greece, and Naples, Italy, and lasted for at least 3.5 hours, although some passengers were reporting up to six hours of outages. According to a spokeswoman from Princess, additional problems with plumbing, electrical and air conditioning systems reported by passengers are unrelated to the power outage.

Princess said it was not yet known how long the ship would remain out of service or whether further cruises would be canceled or shortened. Pending approval from Royal Princess' flag state, Bermuda, the ship will make its way to Barcelona on Wednesday (Sept. 25) for repairs; it is next scheduled to depart from Barcelona on Sept. 27.

Royal Princess is the line's newest ship, launched on a windy and overcast day in a ceremony in Southampton, England, on June 13, 2013. A heavily pregnant Duchess Kate of Cambridge presided over the christening during the ceremony as the ship's godmother.

--by Jamey Bergman, U.K. Production Editor