P&O Cruises Australia Ship Rescues Sailors

September 19, 2013
(12:30 p.m. EDT) -- A P&O Cruises Australia ship came to the rescue of five stranded sailors yesterday, the line is reporting on its Facebook page.

Pacific Pearl intercepted a mayday from the sailors, who were on a yacht taking in water fast off the Isle of Pines, Australia.

The ship diverted to pick up the sailors, who were 12 miles away, dispatched its rescue boat and brought them back to the ship. They are all safe and well after their ordeal.

Pearl then continued on its way to Sydney for her scheduled arrival.

A statement from P&O Cruises Australia said: “We're very proud of our Pacific Pearl team tonight after being called to assist five occupants of a stranded yacht that was taking on water off the Isle of Pines.

"Going to the aid of those in trouble at sea is a feature of maritime legend and practice.

"The five yacht occupants are safely onboard the beautiful Pearl and no doubt grateful at being rescued.

"Noumea maritime authorities have a vessel on the way to pick up the rescued sailors. Pearl will then continue on her way for her scheduled arrival in Sydney.” --by Adam Coulter, U.K. Editor