Man Arrested in Alleged Rape on Carnival Dream

July 25, 2013
(11:45 a.m., EDT) -- A 19-year-old Kentucky man has been arrested and arraigned, after an 18-year-old woman reported that he raped her in his cabin while onboard Carnival Dream in early June. According to the Virgin Islands Daily News, the alleged assault between two passengers took place while the ship was en route to St. Thomas.

In an affidavit written by the FBI, the woman alleged that the incident took place after the two had drinks in the ship's club on June 4. When she went back to his cabin, the man held her down and raped her, the article said. Afterward, she was able to push him off and run from the room.

In a statement, Carnival Cruise Lines said that the ship's management team immediately launched security and investigative procedures as soon as the incident was reported, contacting all relevant authorities, including the FBI.

"FBI personnel boarded the ship at the next port of call, which was St. Thomas, USVI, and initiated an investigation which led to an arrest warrant for the accused male. He was arrested and arraigned before the United States District Court in St. Thomas. Carnival Cruise Lines provided its full support and assistance to law enforcement authorities in the investigation and apprehension of the alleged perpetrator."

The accused passenger pled not guilty to the charges. He has been allowed to return home, but "had to provide DNA samples as a condition of his release," as well as a $10,000 bond, the newspaper said.

--By Chris Gray Faust, Destinations Editor