Carnival Spirit Cruise Canceled

May 2, 2002
Passengers on Carnival's Spirit's April 21 cruise got an unexpected heat wave when the new ship's air conditioning broke down. The problem, according to Carnival sources, was ultimately found to be so complicated they canceled the cruise mid-way through. Passengers disembarked in Honolulu, where Carnival chipped in for hotel stays (three nights worth, not so chintzy), and gave them a 100 percent refund on the cruise as well as 50 percent off on another cruise. Carnival flew in technicians to make the fix -- but the problem was so perplexing that the line ultimately had to cancel the May 3 trip. Carnival tried to get in touch with passengers (through travel agents where applicable); those who did not get the word before they left for Hawaii will be offered hotel stays, not to mention refunds and future discounts.