Disney Cruise Line Ups Policy on Door Decorations

April 23, 2013

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(3:50 p.m. EDT) -- Disney Cruise Line passengers could end up paying a $100 penalty for violating the line's policy on cabin door decorations.

The company requires all passengers refrain from using any type of adhesive (including removable gel adhesives) or over-the-door hanging organizers on cabin doors. Passengers may only use magnetic decorations.

According to Disney, both fixtures cause damage to the appearance and overall condition of the doors.

Cruise Critic first learned of the new penalty from olszie, who posted the letter on the Cruise Critics boards.

Disney's Media Relations Manager, Jacqueline Lorenzetti, told Cruise Critic any passengers seen with a nonmagnetic decoration will be reminded of the policy. If the decorations are not removed, the cabin occupant faces a $100 fee to cover the cost of repairs.

Letters containing this message will be available in all cabins. Magnetic door decorations can be purchased onboard in merchandise areas and at guest services.

--by Gina Kramer, Associate Editor