Prosecutors Request Indictments for Cruise Ship Captain in Concordia Case

February 27, 2013
(8:25 a.m. EST) -- Italian prosecutors involved in the Costa Concordia shipwreck case have made a formal request for a manslaughter indictment against Captain Francesco Schettino, who was captain when Concordia ran aground and foundered January, 2012.

Prosecutors based in Grosseto, Italy, have also requested the judge in the case issue several other indictments against Schettino, including charges of causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship, according to the Associated Press.

Italian newspaper reports have named an additional five individuals -- including two deck officers, the helmsman and Costa Crociere cruise line Marine Operations director Roberto Ferrarini -- against whom prosecutors have requested indictments for manslaughter and other offenses. However, prosecutors announced they had dropped all charges with regard to damages in the environmentally protected waters off the coast of the island of Giglio, where the Concordia shipwreck still lies partially submerged.

Costa Crociere, the Italian subsidiary of Carnival Corp. and owner of Concordia, has asked for a plea bargain agreement in the case. If accepted, the plea bargain could see Costa pay a (euro) 1 million ($1.35 million) fine, according to the AP.

Costa declined Cruise Critic's request for more information regarding the plea bargain.

In other Costa-related news, Travel Weekly U.K. reported that Pier Luigi Foschi, former Costa Crociere's CEO, donated his company bonus for the 2011-12 year to the Costa Foundation. The charity, which was set up following the Costa Concordia disaster, received $969,000 from Foschi.

--by Jamey Bergman, U.K. Production Editor