Cruise Line Replaces Suggested Tip Guidelines with Automatic Tips, Increases Amount

February 16, 2013
Effective March 1, Royal Caribbean International is replacing its recommended gratuity guidelines with automatic tips of $12 a day per person ($14.25 for suite guests). The tips will be automatically added to each passenger's SeaPass account on a daily basis and will be shared by dining services staff, cabin attendants and other housekeeping personnel.

Passengers who have prepaid their tips will not be charged daily.

According to Royal Caribbean, the new automatic gratuity is based on industry standards. Previously, the line recommended a total of $11.65 per day, per person ($13.90 for suite guests) and passengers could pay via their onboard account or pay in cash.

Under the new system, passengers who believe they've received poor service may ask Guest Services to reduce or remove the automatic tips while on the ship.

The new policy applies to all guests who do not prepay their gratuities before February 28.

--by Dori Saltzman, News Editor