Cruise Critic U.K. Announces 2012 Editors' Picks Awards

December 4, 2012
(6:00 a.m. EST) -- Cruise Critic U.K. has announced the winners in its fourth annual Editors' Picks Awards. Once again, we're showcasing the best of the best in cruise travel in a host of categories, including the hotly contested "Best New Ship of 2012", "Best for First-Timers," and “Best for Dining,” as well as categories revealing which ships have the “Best Itineraries,” are the “Best for Entertainment,” and “Best for Adventure.”

Click here to view Cruise Critic U.K.'s 2012 Editors' Picks Awards.

2012's 18 awards were hand-selected by Cruise Critic's U.K. editorial staff, experts in the field who've collectively sailed on ships of all sizes, from tiny expedition vessels to river cruisers to the world's largest mega-ships.

--Adam Coulter, U.K. Editor