Members Report: Shortages, Damage on Cruise Ship Battered by Sandy

October 30, 2012
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(11:30 a.m. EDT) -- Passengers onboard Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas are facing shortages of drinkable water and food -- according to messages received by relatives onshore.

The ship set sail from New Jersey on Sunday (Oct. 27) in a bid to outrun Hurricane Sandy, but instead got caught up in what eye-witnesses say were 80 m.p.h. winds and massive swells on its way to Bermuda. Reportedly, conditions were bad enough to have smashed windows and caused damage in public areas.

Worried relatives have been posting on the Cruise Critic message boards asking for any information about where the ship is and how people are onboard. Information is apparently coming through by text message, due to a lack of internet onboard.

BearBear69 posted this text message received from a friend onboard:

"This is one for the books. We are tipping almost sideways. No food. Everything is shut down. Never updated once. The water is not drinkable but there are donuts... There are no calm waters in the Atlantic. There is an 800-mile wingspan to Sandy. We are in 80 mph winds. We have no internet. There is a line 100 people deep to get a stale danish... The swells are nothing I have ever seen. The ship is tipping so far we are almost walking on the walls. This is ridiculous! My daughter's heart is racing, she's dehydrated and most of the passenges are sick... They assured us this was safe. Unbelievable! ... There is water all over the upper decks and the statue in the front of the lounge is smashed..."

And this from ShariLynn2:

"We just got email from someone on the ship, they've had VERY rough seas and have closed the windjammer and are having trouble in the dining room. It sounded very scary."

And this from xitappers2bx

“here's another update... first... windjammer and johnny rockets is closed. they had winds in excess of 80mph and are still heading south as far as she could tell, they have not yet turned east towards bermuda. they're doing a lot better now than they were earlier. there's no room service. only the main dining rooms, and they're serving cold cuts off trays in the promenade. all the rumors regarding water are 150% lies, there is no shortage of water. they are giving out water to everyone who wants it, there is plenty of water. there is not enough hot food between meals, there's some, but not enough to go around. they are serving pizza. she has no idea how many windows were broken out, and she doesn't know if people were in there when it happened. she also says everyone's okay now. the seas have calmed and they're doing a lot better.”

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean stated:

“Yesterday, Explorer of the Seas encountered some inclement weather, including high winds and seas, as it sailed south towards Bermuda. The ship sustained some minor damage to the public areas, which in no way affects the sea-worthiness of the ship. In an abundance of caution, and with the safety of our guests and crew members in mind, the ship closed the Windjammer Cafe, but was serving meals in the dining room instead.”

Explorer of the Seas is one of a number of ships affected by Sandy, and members have been posting comments of their experiences throughout the last few days, including one member onboard Disney Fantasy which suffered damage in high seas.

--by Adam Coulter, U.K. Editor