Cruise Critic Members Report on Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012

Ships Stuck at Sea as Northeast Ports, Airports Remain Closed

Sandy Strands Passengers, Scatters Cruise Ships

Cruise Lines Compensate Affected Passengers

Ports Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Disney Cruise Ship Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

(3:30 p.m. EDT) -- As the Northeast United States continues to hunker down in preparation for Hurricane Sandy's arrival, recently disembarked cruisers are taking to the Internet to shed some light on their experiences sailing through and around the storm. There are at least a dozen ships currently at sea; -- including Enchantment of the Seas and Caribbean Princess -- and as we continue to monitor the progress of the storm, we'll bring you more statements directly from Cruise Critic members onboard these ships.

Editor's Note: If you are currently at sea or are in communications with someone who is please post in the comments below, on our Facebook page or in any of the relevant Cruise Critic forums.

Carnival Dream

"currently stuck on the Carnival Dream and trust me it isn't a Dream now! The boat is being tossed around like a toy boat--been like this for 3 days now--Just want to go home..."

--Posted by Jill Zimba on Cruise Critic's Facebook page on Saturday.

Caribbean Princess

"friend was on his way to Bermuda out of NY on the Caribbean Princess and was rerouted to Boston. This is his quote from when he was checking in this afternoon: 'I just got on board, and unfortunately John heard right. While I'm sure ill have fun, I'm a little upset that i payed as much as I did to go to Boston. I feel bad for the guy I front of me who lives in Boston and just flew in to NYC to go back home on a boat. Ouch.'"

--Posted by John Pritchard on Cruise Critic's Facebook page on Saturday.

Disney Fantasy

"Just back from Eastern itineary aboard the Fantasy! Thursday moderate seas, Friday worse, up to 20'+ seas! Friday night to 30' seas with 3 differant rogue wave sets in excess off 40'. Once we got into the Gulfstream, it was an adventure. At no time was the ship in any danger. There were some huge waves that hit the Fantasy, and some minor damage. Some persons ignored Captain Tom's announcements and ventured outside there rooms. I'm certain alot of persons feared for thier live's. The ship basically was never in any danger, regaurdless of what was reported."

-- Cruise Critic member metrowon was onboard Disney Fantasy's last sailing during which the ship suffered some damage.

Explorer of the Seas

A passenger aboard Explorer of the Seas has reported to a friend that the ship is listing severely and that everything onboard is shut down. According to the passenger the water onboard is not potable, they are running out of food, sailing in 80-mile-per-hour winds and Royal Caribbean is not communicating to passengers well.

--Cruise Critic member BearBear69 posted a text from a friend aboard Explorer of the Seas in our Royal Caribbean forum.

Freedom of the Seas

"Just got off Freedom OTS this morning...really rocking last night and not allowed out on deck yesterday at all...but a fabulous cruise all the same"
--Posted by Carol Sheppard on Cruise Critic's Facebook page on Sunday.

Jewel of the Seas

"Just talked to my mom on board the Jewel. They are having a nice lunch for all the back to back passengers. They have been told they will remain in port and that they will most likely miss Barbados. She said everyone seems happy and calm. Enjoying lunch and the ship."

--Cruise Critic member Disneycrazymom posted this update Sunday afternoon. Jewel of the Seas is docked in Boston until Tuesday.

"The winds and seas have definitely picked up, even sitting in port here. We feel the ship shudder every so often. The airport is still open. Capt. says we may be able to pull out tomorrow morning but reports he is getting from other ships out there is that the swells are 30 to 45 feet. Ooof! Glad we're still here safe."

--Cruise Critic member Langley Cruisers who is also onboard Jewel of the Seas.

--by Shayne Rodriguez Thompson, Assistant Editor