Cruising Good for Australian Economy, Says Study

August 31, 2012
(12:20 p.m. EDT) -- With so many cruise lines sending ships to Australia, it's no surprise that the industry is growing and benefitting the Australian economy. A study on the economic impact of cruise shipping in Australia during 2011-2012 was released yesterday at the Cruise Down Under Conference, and it shows that both domestic and international cruising has become a AUD$2 billion industry in Australia.

According to a press release, the Australian cruise industry grew 30 percent in 2011-12 over the preceding year, outperforming other tourism sectors. The growth is attributed to an increase in ship visits to major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Fremantle, with a total increase from 573 ship visits in 2010-2011 to 736 last year.

And, yes, all those purchases of koala keychains, decorative boomerangs and pints of VB do add up. The study reports the following big numbers:

  • An increase in total passenger expenditure from AUD$303 million to AUD$443 million
  • An increase in total crew expenditure from AUD$43 million to AUD$60 million
  • An increase in total port-related expenditure from AUD$440 million to AUD$733 million

    And the biggest numbers of all? "The study revealed total expenditure by the international cruise shipping industry in Australia in 2011-12 was estimated at AUD$1.77 billion compared to AUD$1.1 billion in 2010-11," says Chris White, chairman of Cruise Down Under, in the press release. "In addition to the international expenditure… when domestic passenger spending is added back into the economic effects, the total expenditure grows to AUD$2.4 billion."

    --by Erica Silverstein, Features Editor