Cruise Ship In Close Call With Fishing Boat

July 8, 2012

(11:00 a.m. EDT) The cruise blog Noticias de Cruceros is reporting that Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas allegedly had a near collision with a small Italian boat on July 4.

As translated on the small ship Angelo II was fishing near the port city of Latium on the western coast of Italy when Liberty of the Seas began bearing down on it. The captain of the Angelo II had already released its fishing nets when it noticed the cruise ship heading toward it. The captain claims he tried to radio Liberty of the Seas but the cruise ship did not respond and did not alter course. He said he was then forced to cut the ship's nets and sail away from the spot. Liberty of the Seas, he said, passed within 35 feet.

According to the blog the captain then notified the Italian Coast Guard who are currently investigating the incident.

Royal Caribbean told Cruise Critic the line is working closely with the Italian Coast Guard regarding the alleged incident but could not confirm or deny the story the Angelo II captain reported.

"We are still working to gather all the facts, so I cannot confirm or deny the information," Cynthia Martinez, director of Global Corporate Communications for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., said. "I can confirm that Liberty of the Seas was in close proximity to a small vessel on July 4th."

--by Dori Saltzman, News Editor