Snap! Disney Cruise Line Crewmember Shows Up in Photos Taken on Missing iPhone

May 23, 2012

(4:45 p.m. EDT) -- After her iPhone went missing on Disney Wonder in April, passenger Katy McCaffrey never thought she'd never see it again. That is, until photos of a crewmember began to show up in her Photo Stream, a virtual iCloud space that automatically pulls in shots taken with her iPhone.

As the photos began to appear, McCaffrey sent them to Disney Cruise Line and on Tuesday put them on display for the world to see in a Facebook album titled "Stolen iPhone Adventures." In one of the photos, a young man, who McCaffrey alleges stole the phone, poses arms-crossed on a cruise ship deck with a sunset in the background, his name badge pinned to his jacket. In other photos, the man happily poses with other Wonder crewmembers.

McCaffrey's photo album has been shared by more than 3,500 people since she first uploaded it on Tuesday.

"I have alerted the officials of the Disney Cruise Line and forwarded them the photos. Hopefully I'll get my phone back," she wrote in an update to her friends. The cruise line quickly reached out to McCaffrey to try to make the situation right; the incident is under investigation, and the phone has been recovered from the crewmember. (A Disney Cruise Line spokeswoman told USA Today that the phone is still on Wonder; the line intends to return it upon the conclusion of the current cruise, a seven-night Alaska sailing that ends next Monday in Seattle.)

"We take matters of this nature very seriously," Disney Cruise Line spokeswoman Rebecca Peddie told Cruise Critic. "We have placed the employee on administrative leave and restricted him from guest areas while we investigate [how the crewmember acquired the phone]. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior."

News of the pictures was first reported by New York Magazine.

--by Dori Saltzman, News Editor