Power Outages Continue to Plague Queen Mary 2

March 20, 2012
queen-mary-2 (2:30 p.m. EDT) -- What's going on with Queen Mary 2? Once again, the ship has been plagued by power outages. On its latest world cruise segment from Australia to Japan, the ship twice lost power in the span of a few days, reports the Australian newspaper. QM2 also experienced power outages in February on its way to Australia. According to a Cunard statement, "After experiencing brief power interruptions, when backup systems immediately kicked in, full power was swiftly restored to Queen Mary 2 on each occasion. Hotel services were restored to the ship within 15 minutes, there was virtually no impact on guests and the ship is continuing on her voyage as normal." This is at least the third time a power outage has hit the 151,400-ton, 2,620-passenger ship. In addition to the most recent incidents, Cruise Critic members went to the message boards to report on outages in October and February (during which one member was trapped in an elevator). In addition, QM2 experienced a small fire in October 2011, as well as a dangerous explosion in a switchboard room that caused a brief power outage in September 2010. Cunard has not announced any plans for additional maintenance on Queen Mary 2. The ship recently was in dry dock from November 24 to December 8, 2011. Michael Gallagher, Cunard's public relations manager, did not respond to our questions regarding the cause of the outages or whether any work was done to the ship's electrical systems during its 2011 dry dock. He did confirm in a statement that the "power interruptions are not related to the September 2010 incident." During the most recent incident, the power cuts resulted in the loss of electricity and propulsion. John Honeywell posted an additional response from Cunard in his Captain Greybeard blog : "During the short period of power interruption the ship was without propulsion but was in safe navigation at all times with safety, navigation, radar and lighting systems working; anchors could have been deployed if necessary but were not required." --by Erica Silverstein, Features Editor, with reporting by Dan Askin, News Editor, and Jamey Bergman, U.K. Web Content Producer